Women of The Old West End
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WOWE Today



The Women of the Old West End organization, (WOWE)
is a 501c3 organization which began in 1969.  

Re-gentrification of this historic inner city neighborhood had begun and with that many new and old neighbors began discussing issues that needed to be addressed to save the neighborhood on many levels. Preservation, education, information within and out of the Old West End, Parks and much more was needed to keep intact the largest collections of Victorian, Edwardian and Arts and Crafts homes this side of the Mississippi.

Today, as in past years, WOWE is committed to their Mission Statement, with members volunteering their time, talent and treasure to serve the people of our neighborhood.

WOWE meets the first Wednesday of every month. Many new and old issue's are discussed with speakers bringing new information to the meetings at different times. All neighbors are welcome. As in past years the members meet in each other homes beginning with a potluck dinner at 6:30pm with the meeting starting at 7:00 prompt. For further information about WOWE or to find out where the monthly meeting is being held, please call 419-360-2151. NEW NEIGHBORS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AND THE MEETINGS ARE ALWAYS INFORMAL.


Toni Moore, President
Carol Kutsche, Secretary
Tammy Michalak, Treasurer
Henry Doder, Historian
Diane Duggan, Hospitality